SST Applications

SST-Drive Through at Night
Day time generated energy is stored via a lithium battery for emergency
and night use. SST system has a unique energy storage function.
This application is perfect or hospitals and other 24 hour operations.
SST at Roof

SST Side Wall
Conventional solar panels from other suppliers can’t be installed placed
on a side wall due to weight. SST provides lightweight panels to
maximize output.

SST Side Wall
Smoking Dome
The Group 8 Industrial Meeting was held in Japan last year to discuss
a global economy and green energy for carbon dioxide emission.
G8 consists of eight countries, UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, USA, Japan
and EU. SST technology was chosen to showcase its technology at the
SST Drive Through
Solar Turn-Key System
The roof length of this building is 670 feet — Installation of this type
can meet megawatt solar requirements.
Solar Turn-key System